2022 Post Conference Information

THANK YOU to all who attended and contributed to the success of the Bluewater Palliative Care Retreat 2022 including our 200 participants (in-person and on-line) and presenters Dr. Pippa Hawley, (Vancouver), Pastor Corey Kennard, (Detroit), Dr. Red Hoffman, (North Carolina), Dr. James Downar, (Ottawa), Dr. André Maddison and NP Andrea Lehal, (St. Catharines), Dr. Nahba Shetty and Dr. Laurie Mallery (Halifax) Yoga/Wellness instructor, Anna Buchanan and entertainment by New Moon Views.
THANK YOU to the many cyclists who by their participation in the Bluewater International Granfondo (BIG) contributed to the funding of this conference.
To the BIG organization, THANK YOU for your support and generosity.