There is a really heart warming story coming out of this year’s Bluewater International Gran Fondo…
Mr Hank Plug wanted to do something for the riders in the B.I.G. as his son Bryan was also cycling in the event. Hank decided to set up a small station on Sunday morning in Arkona (where the 150km participants went by twice!) and had cold drinks and nutritious snacks ready for the taking by the riders. The donation jar filled right up, Hank’s son kicked in and then Hank matched the donations.

Hank¬† personally delivered a cheque for $600.00 to Ken MacAlpine, Co-founder of the B.I.G. & to Dr. Glen Maddison, Medical Director for the St Joseph’s Hospice who were on hand to thank Hank personally for this gracious gift.

YES, this is a cycling event, but it definitely goes deeper into our community than you see at first glance. To each of you who participated or contributed in some way, please know that the proceeds from the Bluewater Gran Fondo go towards Palliative Care ongoing education through sponsoring the Bluewater Palliative Care Retreat and also by sending our nursing teams to international palliative care conferences that bring more knowledge and wisdom to share here, directly into Palliative Care at Bluewater Health and the St. Joseph’s Hospice of Sarnia.
YOU are all making a difference in this community and we thank you deeply for your support and investment in your health and the health of your loved ones.
Mr Hank Plug, you are a fine gentleman with a caring heart and we appreciate you and your family’s efforts during the 2021 Bluewater International Gran Fondo
 From all of us, THANK YOU.